6469 Lennon Rd.
Swartz Creek, MI 48473


(810) 659-2160


(810) 659-1625
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Looking for HVAC Technician and Lead Installer send resume to fralickandsons@gmail.com


We are an essential business in the HVAC Electrical Industry and are available to take any and all emergency service and installation service calls. All first responders receive a 10% discount on service call and 5% discount on installation through May 8th.

Heating & Cooling

We provide fair, honest, heating and cooling repair and replacement for your home or commercial location.


We are proud to employ some of the most highly trained, professional, and state licensed electrical technicians in Michigan.

Sales & Service

The cornerstone of a great business is excellent customer service. We want you to feel confident with your HVAC system.

Amana Certified

Fralick & Sons provides industry leading HVAC systems manufactured by Amana. Allows us to match the perfect system to your location.

Amana – Lasts & Lasts & Lasts.

Generations of homeowners have trusted the Amana® brand for heating and cooling systems that Lasts and Lasts and Lasts®. Today, everyone associated with the Amana brand is proud of that history, and we remain true to our principles of integrity and dependability. We’re committed to a job well done – and it shows.

The renowned quality, durability, and performance of today’s Amana brand heating and cooling systems continue to provide homeowners and businesses with premium, lasting comfort. Just as they’ve always done. And always will do.

Learn more @ amana.com

Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

While you may have your heart set on a particular system, it never hurts to schedule a free, in-home consultation first. A Diamond Contractor® can survey your floor plan and help you pick a system that’s best suited to the size and layout of your home.

Mitsubishi -Take The Guesswork Out Of HVAC Installation With A Diamond Contractor®.

You’ve done your homework, and you’re sold on the benefits of a Mitsubishi Electric ductless solution vs traditional heating and cooling options. The next step—finding a reputable contractor—is the place where many people hesitate. How can you ensure a company, or contractor, is familiar with the technology and can provide a satisfactory result? If you’ve spent any time renovating, you can understand the apprehension behind this question. The right contractor can mean the difference between a tidy, professional job and a grout-filled trip down the installation rabbit hole.

Learn more @ mitsubishi.com

About Fralick & Sons

Comfort you can count on.

Looking for a company that provides honest, fair heating and cooling repair and replacement in the Genesee County Michigan area? Fralick & Sons provides the service you’re seeking around the clock; from AC repair to heating repair every day of the week.

Our certified technicians work hard 24/7 to keep your HVAC system working to create a comfortable climate in your home. Not only do we have a staff of highly qualified technicians, they also provide unparalleled customer service. When you need an experts, Fralick & Sons is here and ready to help with AC repair, heating repair and more.

We also recognize that our customers want to feel confident depending on their HVAC system.

At Fralick and Sons we know that the cornerstone of a great business is excellent customer service.

We provide top-notch systems manufactured by Amana. As a Amana authorized dealer, we have the ability to make sure that your new system is a perfect match for your home.

Fralick & Sons, Inc. Heating and Cooling is located in Swartz Creek Michigan, we serve our community and the entire Genesee County area to service your heating and air conditioning repair, replacement and installation needs.

Get the heating and air conditioning service you deserve by calling Fralick & Sons, Inc. Heating and Cooling today at (810) 659-2160.

Heating & Cooling Services

Maintenance & Service you can trust.

At Fralick & Sons we truly care about what we do. Our company works hard to offer our clients with the highest degree of service and expertise.
Our dedication to your satisfaction delivers the most complete and lasting comfort solutions for your home or business.

  • Heating

    When winter arrives you want to make sure your heating unit is properly installed and functional. Call us for estimates, repairs, service and installation.

  • Air Conditioning

    When the temperature rises outside you want to be cool and comfortable inside. You can count on our staff properly repairing, installing and maintaining your unit.

  • Water Heating

    Make sure you have nice hot water during the cold season. We offer installation and repair, as well as provide quality customer service every time.

  • Installation

    Amana's line of leading comfort equipment has a capacity, efficiency and price that will suit your all of your needs.

  • Maintenance

    With harsh winters and blazing summers in our area, it is so important to regularly perform maintenance to your home system.

  • Repair

    When you need immediate service, our technicians can quickly and effectively diagnose and repair your system to it's maximum performance.


Fast & Reliable Service.

At Fralick & Sons we truly care about what we do. Our company works hard to offer our clients with the highest degree of service and expertise.
Our dedication to your satisfaction delivers the most complete and lasting comfort solutions for your home or business.

  • Inspection & Upgrade

    We can help you with upgrades like adding outlets, updating wiring, and improving efficiency to help lower your monthly electric bill while keeping your home safe & secure.

  • Generators & Surge Protection

    Michigan winters are as fierce as ever, let us ensure your power stays on and you stay warm. House surge protector can extend the life of your home’s valuable electronics, saving you money in the long run.

  • Interior Wiring

    We install all outlets/switches, complete home panel replacement and upgrade, new lines from panel, large appliances, outdoor entertainment and lighting and more.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Our skilled technicians are trained in both installation and repair of outdoor lighting packages and are ready to come by for a consultation anytime.

  • Appliance Installation

    Our professional installation can assist with any type of home appliance quickly and easily. We have years of experience with all makes and models found in the industry.